Venus' Story

​Venus came to me in early March 2012 with quite the story. Her previous owner had rescued one too many cats in an attempt to help save them. She didn't seem to recognize that she was in over her head with rescue cats and the situation was getting out of control. She moved the cats from Florida to Arizona to California -- rumor has it she had over 120+ cats at one time and pretty much lost her entire life savings doing what she could to save them. Losing her house and almost everything she owned in the process. 

Eventually, her son and daughter-in-law ended up caring for her and taking in the cats. They worked with a number of groups to find homes as quickly as possible. Sadly, even though they were trying their best to rehome the cats, the neighbors quickly became upset and a number of cats came up dead, missing and possibly poisoned. It was obvious that someone needed to step in and help as quickly as possible before any more innocent lives were destroyed. A group of independent animal lovers from Ojai began advocating for these cats, sharing their photos on Facebook, arranging transport for 5 or 6 of them from Reseda to Ojai were homes had been found. This is where I got current living situation didn't afford much room to foster a cat or take in another animal (I live in a one bedroom, one bath home with a dog and two cats already)...however, I was able to offer up a garage space at my parent's house where 2 of the cats could stay temporarily. VERY temporarily... the initial plan was 3-7 days while we waited for an interested adopter to finalize some things at her house before she brought her new kitties home!

So, on March 4th 2012, the daugher-in-law made a trip to Ojai with a number of cats. Mittens and Venus were setup in my parents garage for their short stay. Sure enough, a few days later the interested adoptee came over with her son and met the cats -- they fell in love with Mittens and decided to just take the one kitty. Poor Venus was left behind and no other home had been arranged for her. Venus adapted to the garage life fairly quickly, but it soon became apparent that she was in need of medical attention. She was constantly shaking her head and had discharge from both ears. Off to the vet we went! The vet said she had one of the worst ear infections she had ever seen in one ear and a less severe ear infection in the other ear. It was so bad, the vet couldn't even see her ear drum through all the fluid build up to know if the ear was still intact! Venus was prescribed pain medication, oral antibiotics, and two topical antibiotics! Treating this ear infection meant day and night attention, which she wasn't going to get at my parent's house. So, Venus moved into my house (my one bedroom, one bath, tiny house already occupied by a dog and two cats). She has been back to the veterinarian at least 3 times to ensure the treatment was working and has been on various medications for over 2 months! I did receive over $170 in donations for her veterinary care from family, friends and strangers who donated to her cause -- but I've also spent a considerable amount of my own time and money getting her all taken care of. The good news is, she is currently healthy, happy and ready for a home of her own.

Venus is very sweet, a bit hesitant with me but that's probably because I've been force feeding her oral medication, cleaning and treating her ears twice a day for two months!! She follows me around the yard when I'm outside working in the garden and lounges around the most of the day. Given the small quarters she has been given access to come and go all day -- she never seems to stray too far and prefers to be inside (I think she would adapt quickly to an indoor-only home). She has been exposed to 3-4 dogs at a time (my sister often visits with her boxer dog and I have a medium sized mixed breed dog that she lives with). She really holds her own with the dogs and doesn't seem intimidated by them at all. She's been exposed to other cats -- she get's along just fine with my male cat but doesn't get along well with my female cat (my female cat doesn't really get along with anyone period, haha). She loves to eat and would do well to go on a more controlled diet. She has the most amazing eyes I've ever seen in a cat and these funny little teeth that she can't seem to fit in her mouth so she looks like she has kitty fangs (it's cute!!). 

My house is FAR too small for three cats -- and my 16 year old kitty is starting to decline in health and has some special needs. Unfortunately, it has been a major challenge juggling the three cats since two of them get along and two of them don't...and it's time Venus has a place all her own where she doesn't have to be caught up in that juggle. Her 3 to 7 day VERY temporary stay has turned into over a 6 month stay now.

If you are interested in meeting her, please let me know, she really is a deserving cat who has had quite the crazy life and she's ready to settle down and be loved and cared for in a home all her own!

You can reach me at (805) 794-0795 or email

Please share her information with others!

Meet Miss Venus

Venus' Basic Info:


Age:  ~ 9-12 years

Color: Black with white spot on chest

Tested: Negative for FELV, FIV & Heartworms

Vaccines: up to date on FVRCP, FeLV and Rabies

Other: dewormed, treated for fleas and an ear infection

Lives: Indoor & Outdoor (would adapt fine to indoor only)

Exposure: Cats and medium to large dogs

Health: You are welcome to talk with the vets who have been treating her while in my care, they can tell you their overall exam findings. I have all her veterinary records. The only suggestion is a dental cleaning, other than that she has no obvious health issues.