Over 25 + Bulk Materials

Decorative Rock
Decorative Rock
River Rock
River Rock
Sand & Gravel
Sand & Gravel
Rock Baskets
Rock Baskets
Decomposed Granite
Decomposed Granite

Delivery available

We have multiple delivery truck options to meet your delivery needs. Deliveries available throughout Ventura County.

Delivery prices vary by location, call for specifics. Own your own truck? Great, stop in and we'll load you up!

Our F-350 with a dump bed delivers up to 3 yards, and our larger trucks can deliver up to 8 yards of most materials.


Lighter weight materials like mulch and woodchips can be delivered ~30 yards at a time!

  1. Fill Sand
  2. Washed Plaster Sand
  3. Fill Dirt
  4. Premium Earth
  5. Decomposed Granite "DG"
  6. 50/50 Sand + Gravel Concrete Mix
  7. Road Base
  8. Red Fir Woodchips
  9. ES2 Moisture Retainer (Mulch)
  10. 3/8" Pea Gravel
  11. 3/8" Semi Deco Gravel
  12. 3/4" Semi Deco Gravel
  13. 3/8" So Cal Gold
  14. 3/4" So Cal Gold
  15. Sespe Gravel
  16. 1/8" Bird's Eye Pebble
  17. 1" Crushed Granite
  18. 1 1/2" Minus Crushed Rock
  19. 1 1/2" Minus Natural Rock
  20. 4-6" River Rock by the Pound
  21. Fire Wood (Bundles + Cords, Oak + Mixed)
  22. Rock Baskets (Pre-measured baskets of larger river rock)
  23. Flagstone (Patio Grade + Full Sheets)
  24. Stepping Stones (Multiple Colors)
  25. Red Brick
  26. Concrete (5 sack + 6 sack, 1 yard Cart-Away Mixer Rental)
  27. Rebar (#3 + #4)
  28. Propane - with easy access for motorhomes/trailers!
**If you are looking for an item and don't see it listed, please give us a call as we occasionally fill special orders for people. These orders may bring unique bulk materials into our yard that never make it onto the website.**
        Call us: (805) 649-2590 for special requests!



A special blend of silica based sand that's low in clay and silt. Come feel it for yourself!